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HAPPY ENDING just $30 at the Adult Relaxation Centre

vr sex

Too good to be true? Nup!

The Adult Relaxation Centre at 30A St Kilda road (near the Junction) offers private viewing booths to watch Virtual Reality (VR) porn (couples welcome) from just $20.

And now you have the choice, just slip $20 into the slot in the VR booth to get 10 minutes PRIVATE viewing time, or for just $30 extra we’ll have one of our lovely ladies come in and give you a Happy Ending while you watch the best and most realistic porn you’ve ever seen; you really feel part of the action, and with one of our ladies mimicking what you’re seeing in your Oculus Rift headset, you WILL be part of the action.

You’re guaranteed a Happy Ending at the Adult Relaxation Centre!

Midday to 8pm, 7 days. Phone 9529 4727 for details.

SWA 3430BE

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