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As of August 2014 The Victorian Government has amended the Legislation regarding advertising for Ancillary Staff only. Persons seeking association with California Club, positions such as Receptionists, Manager and other valued staff can contact us on via email:

Touring Escort

Woman With LuggageWhile we are not permitted to advertise for escorts, we can tell Touring Escorts that the industry is completely legal in Victoria.  Contact us with further enquiries.

If you’re a Touring Escort and you want information on how to do so legally when coming to Victoria, feel free to contact our Marketing and PR Department at They have handled all publicity, marketing and advertising for Lucie Bee and Madison Missina to great effect.

All our facilities are available to visitors and only a small fee is charged.

Twitter: at CaliClubStKilda at PornStarTouring



We have been extremely busy since starting a number of promotions recently. Most notably is the Lucie Bee special appearance on the 24th and 25th of this month. We will have a professional photographer at the California Club over the 2 days to get promotional shots of Lucie Bee.

We will be providing free glamour/promotional photo sessions to all our girls over the 2 days and we’d like to extend the offer to *new girls as well. As you can imagine, spots will fill up quickly so call reception today to book your session. You will be able to use the images for your own promotional purposes.

*Any lady doing three shifts between now and the 23rd of this month will be entitled to a free session with our photographer, at the California Club, on either the 24th or 25th of this month.


Licensed brothel manager required (Victorian Sex Industry)

A professional licensed brothel manager is an excellent career choice. California Club is looking for new Licensed Brothel Managers to be responsible for the day to day operations of a legal brothel. If you are interested in becoming a professional licensed brothel manager, we can offer guidance and advice for career progression.

Working in the Regulated Sex Industry Is Legal & Safe and is protected under Victorian Law. We can offer career advice on employment opportunities available within the legal Sex Industry of Victoria.

We will assist you in understanding what is required to become a legal brothel manager. We are highly qualified to advise you on the legal sex industry and have decades of experience dealing with, and adhering to the various laws and regulations relating to all employment positions within the Victorian Sex Industry.


Why work in a legal brothel?

Legal brothels strictly adhere to the laws, rules and regulation as stipulated by the Business Licensing Authority (B.L.A). Working in a legal brothel essentially means working for a reputable establishment that protects the interest of women, employees, all staff members and affiliates. California Club is a perfect example of a legal brothel that is very serious about following the regulations and guidelines outlined by the B.L.A.

If you are interested in managing a brothel, would like to become licensed in brothel management or like to learn more about becoming a legal brothel manager, you can find information at: or please call California Club on (03) 9529 4727


Victorian Law surrounding sex work and brothel work does not allow the following:

Advertising for sex workers, prostitutes or escorts, however working in the regulated sex industry is legal. Contact us with further enquiries.


Brothel employment advice

Please contact us for advice on a career working as a licensed brothel manager or other positions in the legal sex industry on (03) 9529 4727 or send us an email at


Is it a hotel or a brothel?

Girls can book a room for just $200 and stay overnight while seeing their own clients, just like a regular hotel.  All facilities are included in this price.

Girls ‘on-shift’ can stay in a room overnight for just $20.
Either of these options is perfect for interstate, or international, touring ladies.

Contact or call 03 9529 4727 for full details.

Follow us on Twitter @CaliClubStKilda for to get the latest on future offers

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